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82) Julie Fischer 
Alexandria, VA
Monday, December 13, 2010 04:27 PM

I met Dez the first day of our fellowships, where he stood out even among so many other bright and driven people for his unique blend of brilliance, energy, and a delicate lightness to his piercing wit for which English seems to lack appropriate words. "Whimsy" seems too precious and doesn't capture his sharpness, "cleverness" doesn't encompass enough, maybe "finesse" in existence in general? Whatever that trait is, Dez stored and radiated it outward, as capable of tossing out a brilliant theory as a wickedly funny observation, sometimes all in the same breath. He transcended EVERYTHING, not just traditional boundaries (science versus creativity, etc.), but always gave the impression that the world had permission to be something altogether different now that he had entered the room.
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